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Loan Rejected
Loan Rejected

Our typical home buyers are buyers with limited resources, hence having difficulty in purchasing a home through conventional ways. We offer various programs to meet each prospective buyer’s specific needs. We may be able to help you buy your dream home, despite hurdles such as no/bad credit and low down payment. Our program is also suitable for prospective buyers who either don’t mind less than a perfect home in exchange for custom solutions, or paying a higher price to compensate the special term that we offer. Listed below are common issues that we can address:

  • No credit History
  • Bad Credit
  • Low down payment
  • Business owner
  • Handyman deals
  • Downsize
  • Want to test-drive home ownership
  • Need custom solutions
  • Own better home than you can qualify for
  • Don’t want to deal with banks
  • Home to suit future income level
  • Need unconventional solutions

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