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IRS Publication 537
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Tired Landlord
Tired Landlord

We specialize in buying properties for home owners who are in need of selling their properties QUICKLY or in need of solving problems that conventional sales are unable to offer. Some of the common reasons sellers contact us are:

  • Possible Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Behind on Payments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Two Mortgage Payments
  • Over Finance
  • Liens – IRS Liens
  • Property Tax Lines
  • Judgment
  • Debt
  • Layoff
  • High Capital Gain Tax
  • Expired Listings
  • Out of Town/State Owner
  • Probate/Estate Sales
  • Distress Property
  • Transferring/Relocating
  • Vacant/Bad Tenants
  • Want Cash Sales.
  • Want No Hassles Sales
  • Inheritance/Unwanted Property
  • Want alternative ways to sell
  • No Equity – Conventional Sales may
    may require out of pocket cash
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